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Here's what our client's have to say:

by Jen
I live in vista and have had ants for YEARS i called a few pest control companies but i just couldn't afford them then i called Hurst Exterminators A QUARTER OF THE PRICE!!!! thy got rid of those ants quick best money i have ever spent.
by Jacob Reeves
Wow i these guys were great i had my suspicions with how cheap these guys were but the service was the best i ever had. he LISTENED to what i had to say! you other guys can learn a lot from hurst exterminators. (you know who you are)

By Jon G
I cant believe these guys. They came in, did NOT charge A service charge and took care of the ants quick. 20 MINUTES!!!!! THATS IT!!!!! WOW thanks mike. will call them again

Posted on 5/3/2011

Excellent work
Came within an hour. Removed the bees and did a great work. Highly recommend. Great Company. Very professional and kept to their price quote. Wow!!!

Posted on 3/16/2011

Hurst Exterminators is the BEST!!
I had an issue come up with an unwanted critter, I called and Michael was professional, prompt and fast. He was over within an hour and even showed me some ways to keep the issue from coming back. I will definitely use him again.


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