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Common Family Name: Bees , Honeybee

Common Name: Honeybee 
Latin Name : Apis Mellifera L.
​Common Family Name : Bees
​Latin Family Name : Apidae

Bee Control

What you have to keep in mind is that bees are not aggressive insects unless they feel threatened; or even more, if they feel like you are a threat to their colony. Most of the time when you hear about someone being stung it's because they got too close to a hive or have had one mistakenly fly into an item of their clothing.

You can walk right through a field full of foraging bees and not have a problem. The problem occurs when people find that they have a bee hive in or next to their home, and try to take care of it themselves. When people try to remove hives/swarms themselves - they tend to come up with a lot of ideas. However, lack of knowledge in biology and lack of experience with these insects, combined with these "removal ideas" can be quite dangerous! For example, time after time I receive emergency calls involving a person who figured they will just put on a few layers of clothing and fill in the hole (that the bees are getting into) with foam or caulking (DO NOT DO THAT!). The next thing they know, their house is filled with thousands of bees coming in from light fixtures, outlets, cracks, and holes that they didn't know were there. 

The best and safest advice I can give you is: If you see a bee hive in or around your home, call a licensed exterminator!

"Special thanks to John and Michael at Hurst Exterminators of Vista, CA. the three bags weighing nearly 100 Lbs of wax and honey were removed after five hours of hard labor. They were eager to get the job done as quickly as possible before darkness, but they end up working till 9:00 pm due to the size and location of the hive.. 
The hive was located in a very tight and hard to reach corner in the attic of my house located in Chula Vista, CA.
Here again, I wanted to thank them very much for the job well done as they are very knowlegable, courteous and hard working without inconveniencing my family while warning us about the wild behavior of those aggitated Africanized bees. 

I would highly recommend their services and would refer them to family and freinds and our neighbors.

The can be reached at (760) 497-8284 or

Thank you guys again and wish you the best".